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Discover local projects!

The NGOs available on our platform went through a rigorous certification process. We make sure every NGO is transparent, impactful, and needs you to achieve more impact.

We connect you with the best NGO!

You choose the domain and projects you want to support and we select the best project that match your organization and employee’s expertise and beliefs.

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Online Volunteering

We believe skill-based volunteering is the best way to help. Your employees have skills and passions. Our projects have needs and a cause. Our matching algorithm will take care of the rest.

Social Network

Creating a personal link between your team members matters to us.
We value collaboration as well as helping each other to generate more impact.


It’s all about healthy competition to engage people. Gain points, level up and get rewarded. How you reward their actions is up to you!


Sometimes a human presence is necessary to inform and sensitize your team about projects and causes supported. Awareness, Fun and Collaboration guaranteed.

What’s ours is yours too

Generosity and Impact do not always work in pairs. That’s why Share A Dream collects data from its projects every month and shares them with you. So you can tell what has been accomplished thanks to your support.

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