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Fundación Biosfera

The Fundación Biosfera is an Argentinian NGO that joins people from different fields that act to create a sustainable and united environment at a local and global level. We are working locally, assisting the neighbours and cooperating with the institutions and initiatives of our City. At the global level, we work with international institutions, such as the United Nations, and we receive interns from around the world.


Fundación Biosfera

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The Fundación Biosfera was founded in 1991 by the geologist Oscar Haluska, the lawyer Jorge Bertone and the ecologists Jorge Ibarro and Horacio de Belaustegui. The current environmental deterioration, along with the conviction that each of us can be the key to reverse the situation and strive for a better life quality and common good, led to the creation of the Fundación. The problem of climate change is the central axis of the work done in the Fundación Biosfera; its members are involved in different projects and organizations, both locally and globally. Since 1998, the Fundación Biosfera has been an observer NGO in the United Nations Climate Change Conference. The Fundación actively contributes to raise awareness in society about climate change permanent risks, and it assists and guides governments in various negotiations to promote informed decision making.

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