Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to become more autonomous and to adopt sustainable solutions. To do so, we promote human interactions, support education, protect the environment, encourage social entrepreneurship, and instill humanistic values.

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Rue du Conseil-Général 14 1205 Geneva, Switzerland

Description of the project

Who we are

OneAction was born in December 2011 as an independent, apolitical and non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to become more autonomous and to adopt sustainable solutions.

What we do

Bodh Gaya OneAction at a glanceTo fulfill our mission, we support and develop projects with a strong social and environmental impact, while introducing self-financing mechanisms that guarantee their sustainability. In particular, we work with renewable energies, sustainable agriculture, social entrepreneurship and holistic education, encouraging learning by experience. In our projects outside of Switzerland, we collaborate with local trustworthy partners. To this date, we are active in Switzerland, South America and South Asia, in countries where we dispose of in-depth social, political and environmental knowledge as well as a solid network.

Why create one more NGO, and why “OneAction”?

In this unique and globalized era, it is becoming increasingly difficult to look at the world without taking into consideration the interdependency and urgency of its issues. Yet, development aid tends to become segmented, complicated, bureaucratic, dogmatic, opaque and based on ephemeral results. Therefore, we believe that there is a need to create NGOs that offer global, flexible and sustainable solutions.

OneAction was born to respond to this trend with the objective of prioritizing a holistic approach and acting upon the root causes of the challenges it addresses, without limiting itself to a particular sector or region. OneAction is about simple and innovative projects, designed to last and to spread, in order to achieve the greatest possible impact. OneAction also strives for a more participative world, because action is within everyone’s reach. For this reason, aside from our projects, we offer anyone, anywhere, the possibility of becoming an actor of change by using our platform to set up their own initiative of humanitarian interest.

In other words, OneAction represents multiple actions that come together around a common vision: a vision based on the need for action and sustainability.

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